Tantra Festival, Sacred Womb and Kundalini Spirit - Early Bird until March 31!
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  • Tantrafestival - Early Bird until the end of March.
  • Would you like to become a Digital Ambassador?
  • Yoga & Dance Easter – Video invitation from Hajni.
  • Midsommar at Ängsbacka – this year also for children.
  • Kundaliniyoga ♥ Ängsbacka = True!
  • Ängsbacka recommends - Eckhart Tolle to Oslo in September
  • Magic Moments – a greeting from Ganges

Summer is almost on the door step and if less than three weeks, it's time for our first festival, Yoga & Dance Easter. Here in the office we are working full on with scheduling, presenting and sending out. If you want to help us to reach more curious people, you are very welcome to become a digital ambassador. Have a great spring!

Illustration by Metin Seven

Tantra Festival 1-6 August

Love Revolution - Five days of Life Expansion!

✿ Transforming Workshops ✿ Conscious sexuality ✿ Meetings from the Heart ✿

In the very center of the Tantra Festival is your own life energy! How can you embrace and affirm all sides of yourself? What do you need to feel safe enough to truly dare to meet? How can you open up to let your energy flow – within yourself, and in your interaction with the world around you?

Teachers at the festival: Ma Ananda Sarita ✿ Kobi ✿ Åsa Kullberg ✿ Rex McCann ✿ Shashi Solluna ✿ Kamala Devi ✿ and many more...

Early Bird until 31/3

Become digital ambassador?

Help us to invite!

Do you remember the first time you came to Ängsbacka? Would you like your friends to also have the chance to this unique experience?

As a digital ambassador you will help  to invite to our events via Facebook and other channels. As a thank you get a discount on future festivals.

Invitation to Yoga & Dance Easter

Theme for this year - Gratitude

Easter festival host Hajni invites us to sweet yoga, great dancing, grovy music and more. Come and meet the light and warmth of spring at Ängsbacka...

The festival program is ready!

Trance Dance, Bhakti Vinyasa Flow, African Roots, Dreamwaving, Aquarian Sadhana, Yoga Bomb mm.

 Se the full scheduele!


Midsummer for everyone!

Couples, singles, families and others...

This year Ängsbacka welcomes everyone for Midsummer - adults, children and families!
We invite you to a celebration of music, creativity, tranquility, forest magic, ceremonies, open hearts, new friends and lots of dancing. Experience the delights of Swedish traditions in the form of flowers, dancing around the maypole and a rich delicious midsummer buffet.
Welcome to a joyous celebration - without alcohol and drugs - in the three brightest days and nights of the year.

Welcome to Midsummer at Ängsbacka 23-26 June

Kundalini ♥ Ängsbacka = True

Learn to play Gong! Try out weekend.

7-9 april
Birgitta Hedman

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Kundalini Spirit Gathering
28 april - 1 maj
Days of Sanghat

 Aquarian Sadhana  – meditations – gong puja – yogic community life

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Kundaliniyoga Retreat From Me to We
18-21 maj

Charlotte Åström & Birgitta Hedman


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Kundalini yoga at Ängsbacka autumn 2017

"The Gift of Womanhood" Retreat with Guru Rattana - 1-9 September
On year Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Stockholm, Oslo or Karlstad.

Ängsbacka recommends!

Early bird until 15 April!

Gardener and summer volunteers

Job vacancy - Senior gardener
Do you want to be responsible for Ängsbacka’s vegetable garden etc?
Read more about the job here.

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 Festival summer as a volunteer

For the coming season we already have around a hundred volunteer applications, but there is room for many more. You are also welcome to the ALL SUMMER CAMP (June 2 to August 13). For the this camp we are looking especially for you who are craftsmen, web designer, filmmaker, graphic designer, IT-star, has garden education, or loves administration.

Read more here.

Courses, festivals and trainings

28 April-1 Maj

Early Bird until 31/3

25-28 Maj

Early Bird until 31/3

Magic Moments

Greetings from Ganges
Our kitchen mananger Uma and our sound and light coordinator Pierre (also known as Myhr) says hello from Mother India.

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